Today Pompeii is a popular destination for archaeological tourism, those who went to the ruins of Pompeii can really understand the life and architecture of a Roman city. Originally Oscan, suffered at the Hellenic influence has suffered Greek influence before and after the Samnite, who during the fifth century they conquered the whole Campania. The second century BC Pompeii was for a period of economic prosperity that led to the construction of public buildings like the Temple of Jupiter and the Basilica in the Forum. In 62 A.D. a devastating earthquake caused severe damage to the buildings of the city in subsequent years were used in the impressive work of restructuring, but before he could finish there was the tragic eruption of 24 August 79 AD definitely that buried Pompeii. That morning of August 24, year 79 A.D. Pompey saw a cloud rising from the cone of Vesuvius, the lava that blocked the release of eruptive material broke under the pressure of the gases in the air and shattered. The lava pushed by the wind, began to fall on the area south-east of the volcano for a radius of 70 km. A heavy rainstorm struck for four days of Pompeii, accompanied by toxic gas fumes and lava that began to engulf the city, also supervened frequent earthquakes. Those who had no way to escape was suffocated by gas. Others remained crushed roofs of the houses collapsed under the weight of the lava. It was a catastrophe. The work of excavation, which over time have brought to light Pompeii, began in the mid-1700 under the rule of Charles of Bourbon, King of the Two Sicilies. At the beginning of 1800 with the French occupation, there was an increase of the excavations which slowed down again with the return of the Bourbons. After the unification of Italy there was a change in the method of work. They tried to proceed in a systematic and more detailed, and was introduced for the first time a new method to retrieve the image of the victims, using plaster casts, still visible today.

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